Financial Peace – How We Finished Baby Step 1

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What a feeling! It is true what Dave Ramsey says about having an emergency fund. I feel peace.

The first step in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is to have $1000 in the bank for EMERGENCIES. We are in week 3 of FPU and we are so happy to say that we have our Emergency Fund done!

How did we do this so quickly?

No, we didn’t find a great Get Rich Quick program.

We (read: My husband) sold his car.

Yesterday my hubby gave up his 2001 Monte Carlo for his family. For our financial future. This may seem like an easy task, or no big deal, but that car has memories. We had some of our most important conversations in the Monte Carlo, had our first kiss in that car and we drove off to our honeymoon in the shiny black Chevy. I almost think it was harder for me than for him.

Luckily we didn’t sell the memories with the car. We still have those! I think this is important to remember: THINGS aren’t memories.

We were able to sell his car pick up a great little “junker” car to get him to and from work. We were also able to finish our emergency fund and catch up on some other bills. Tonight is week 3 of Financial Peace University and now we get to move on to paying off all of our debt and becoming DEBT FREE!

Have you done FPU or a similar program? What big changes did you make to improve your finances? What advice do you have for us as we start Baby Step 2? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    March 1, 2011 at 3:16 am

    Hi Donna! We did FPU online a few years ago, and it was GREAT. The nice thing is once you finish, your a graduate and you can go back through any local FPU class again for free! I think we need a refresher course but we are still debt free besides our house! (We have fallen off of our budget and it’s getting ugly.) LOVE Dave Ramsey and LOVED FPU! 🙂 Keep working on it!

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    March 3, 2011 at 11:33 am

    What great news!!! We are currently going through FPU also and LOVING it!

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