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Christmas is only

54 days away!

Yes, I’m officially counting down and getting ready for all the festivities. This year I’ve decided to make a lot of the gifts we’ll be giving the kids, family and some friends. For our daughter I’m going to make a good amount of play food. I started to make some last year but never finished.

I hope to post pictures once I’ve finished a few things. It’s really addicting and fun!

I’ve been inspired by so many websites out there and I realized how simple it can really be (and how fancy you can make it). Here are a some amazing felt food found online:

Bugga Bugs’ blog:

Here are a few tutorials if you want to try making a few pieces:


Egg and Orange Slice

Lemon and Tomato Slices (and Ice cream)

There are so many more tutorials out there just do a little Swagbuck Search and find something to try!

If you’re not feeling crafty visit Etsy for lots of handmade felt food!

** I didn’t forget about doing an update on our No Spend Month, I’m just procrastinating! Honestly it didnt’ go as well as I had hoped it would. We basically threw in the towel on week 3… Hey I’ve got to be honest here… but we did learn a lot and I hope to do a wrap up post soon! **


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