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Decluttering the STUFF and Finding Freedom by Having Less

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Today I climbed out of my bed and had a huge burst of energy.  This.is.not.normal!  I felt motivated so I decided to dive into my big (dreaded) project: Decluttering the stuff and getting ready to pack again!

Decluttering the STUFF

Luckily, we don’t own very much. We sold nearly everything before we left. We packed up 16 bags and hopped over the pond to Northern Ireland. We tried our best to keep clutter out of our house knowing that one day we’d have to pack it all up again.

Decluttering the STUFF and Find Freedom by Having LESS

How Have We Stayed Un-cluttered?

  • I don’t make many mindless-purchases
  • We’ve never even decorated our apartment *gasp*
  • There’s no Target to “window shop” in (we all know no one can really just window shop at Target!)
  • We live on a tight budget – our spending choice have drastically changed!

As you can imagine we have not accumulated very much over the past 2 years and it feels great!

Unavoidable Clutter

Despite our best efforts, clutter does sneak in, birthday presents for the kids, books, hand-me-downs, and paperwork all find their way into our house. Now we have just 4 weeks left to go through our things and declutter so we can pack everything back up.

Today with my newfound energy I tackled my wardrobe. I ended up with a HUGE pile of clothes to donate and pared down my wardrobe to a simple collection for the summer. I did the same for the kids and went through most of their toys with them and they each have a good amount of toys to gift to the other missionary kids here.

When we were preparing to move to Ireland this process was months long – We had SO MUCH STUFF! We had boxes and boxes of saved STUFF,  bins of craft supplies, fabric, books, old baby toys, clothes (some from high school). All of this STUFF had become a burden. We sold everything over the course of 2 months and felt such a sense of relief when it was GONE!

While it may seem overwhelming, decluttering and getting rid of excess clutter can make a huge difference in your home. Start small, decluttering a few items each and see how fast it adds up.

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