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Craft Night – Coffee Filter Wreath

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Friday night I decided to put away the computer sit down and craft. I found a comfortable spot on the living room floor, put on a movie and finally made a coffee filter wreath. I bought the supplies about a month ago but I’ve been so busy there just wasn’t time! Well I decided tonight I’d be crafty!

Guess who joined me? My sweetie. Kevin sat on the floor next to me and separated and folded the filters! What a great guy I’ve got (hands off ladies!). Well it saved tons of time having him help and I’m pretty happy with the result. It still needs some fluffing and maybe some trimming but here she is:

We plan on hanging this in our living room with a thick ribbon.

I played around with putting a candle in the center and I think I’ll play around with this idea a little more and maybe make a smaller one

I thought it looked very nice around a hurricane lamp. so crisp and pretty. (again, it need some puffing and maybe a trim)

This is an easy project I will do again and again! I already have a few ideas of other ways to use coffee filters, and that’s a good thing since I bought mine at Costco and still have about 1,000 filters!
One thing I did learn was once you find a pattern, stick with it. Start on the inside and work in circular rows finishing on the outside. I did not do this and therefore I have a few spots that look odd. All in All I’m super happy with how it came out!

Now run to the grocery store buy some filters, get your glue gun and a wreath (or cut a ring out of some cardboard or foam board. Please don’t be a mad woman like me and go to Costco or if you do, only buy one package of 700 filters, you’ll use about 1/2 the package.

Go and be crafty!

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