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The Big Project – Re-Decorating The Bedroom… Part 1

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When we moved into this house in January our main focus was to make the first floor inviting so we put all of our focus on the Sun room, Kitchen and Living room. The Kids room was also painted and quickly decorated.

I have a million ideas for the other rooms in our house. The dining room is very slowly coming together, the upstairs bathroom is just blah! The kids room looks nice but will soon have some extra color added, the craft room-turned-guestroom is lovely (photos to come soon!).

The one room that we’ve neglected is the master bedroom. I think it’s a common mistake that couples make, that is, not making the bedroom a priority. We tend to throw all the messes in our room when we have company over and it’s consistently littered with kids clothes and other random stuff that doesn’t have a home.Today I was wondering why on earth we have a box of Ziploc bags in our bedroom!

The bedroom has lovely wallpaper— that is if your a 70 year old lady who likes floral print! Really it’s not that bad but we are desperate to paint and redecorate!

Here is a sample:

Above is what the room looked like when we moved in. The wallpaper is not that bad but there were 3 different patterns throughout the room! The trim was chipping and wallpaper was peeling. The doors to the crawl space were not even attached anymore. This room needed some attention, it just took us 8 months to get to it.

Our 4 year anniversary was in August and we started stripping wallpaper. Sooooo romantic!

It was a very long process but we came across some fun things.

Under the wallpaper we found numerous drawings done by the previous owners. They were stick figure drawings of each family member, with their names. It was signed “Warren 1966”. There was also a poem:

I love you, I love you, I love you I do. But don’t get excited I love monkeys too. (also written by Warren age 8 )

Isn’t that cute! I took picture but they are going to need a lot of editing so that you can see the drawings clearly.

So we’ve stripped the wallpaper, primed the walls and painted. I still have 2 doors to paint and some trim to touch up. We also purchased a wardrobe system from Ikea and I’m in love with it!

So now you want some after photos…


So sorry!

Unfortunately the room is not done yet, and I don’t expect it to be finished in October because of our NO SPEND month. But I hope to have it done in November… so keep checking back!

I can’t wait to show you how it all came together!

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