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A Day in the Life of Hey, Donna!

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Last year I joined in the A Day in the life Challenge that Simply Rebekah holds annually. It was lots of fun so I decided to join in again this year.



7:16 am: Awake but lounging in my bathrobe, I’m not entirely ready to start my day.

8:16 am: Contemplating tackling the sink full of dishes so I don’t have to worry about it later – Did most of the dishes,

9:16 am: Back to work. I use a dry erase marker and write important reminders right on my desk – it works great and I’m not wasting paper!

10:16 am: Working on a client’s website

11:16 pm: Still working on the clients site!

12:16 pm: Little boy came in and asked me to help him put on his bear feet slippers. Yes, he is still in his PJ’s (and so was I!)

1:16 pm: Lunch with the kids – Stromboli ! Delish, however, not the healthiest lunch!

Whoops!! I stopped taking photos at lunch! I spent the rest of the day, no joke, working!!

 I started again the next day around 3pm!  

3:16pm: A surprise trip to the new cupcake place with Claire. Our Girls Afternoon out! Yummmm!

4:16pm: Looking in the fridge to figure out what in the world we will have for dinner!

5:04pm: Walked into the kitchen and noticed the time. I’d really better decide what’s for dinner.

6:16pm: Finally decided on dinner – Leftover buffet! Chicken stew, curry chicken and rice, Stromboli and salad.

7:16pm : Rebekah called and mentioned that she was in the area, which gave me the perfect  excuse to invite her to come over and eat leftover Chicken Curry with us! It was a very nice surprise!

That was all... Once Rebekah went home I hung out on the Allume Twitter party, watched Parenthood and fell asleep!


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    Rebekah from Simply Rebekah
    February 8, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    Your leftovers were amazing! Thanks for letting me crash your evening.

    The coffee mug in your 9:16 picture makes me very happy for some reason. I want to drink out of it! Let’s make a coffee date and you can wow me with your homemade mock Starbucks skills. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your day!

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