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Our Morning Routine plus FREE Morning Routine Chart for Children

“HURRY!”   “Brush your teeeeeeth”

“Why aren’t you dressed?”   “You’re going to be late!”

…this used to be the symphony in our house each morning before school.

Last year we struggled through the first few weeks of school and I knew something had to change. When the kids woke up they just didn’t know what to expect. Unlike adults, they didn’t have morning routines established yet. As adults we naturally do the same things every morning. I get up, go to the bathroom, go down stairs, drink water, start breakfast…. it’s the same

Our children did not yet have this built-in habit and they didn’t know how to get ready for school without lots of instruction and hand-holding. So, I jotted down our typical morning routine, tweaked it a bit, and made this super simple list:

Morning Routine Printable

We try to get up before the kids in the morning so we can get dressed and caffeinated before they wake up. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Now, when they get up before us, they know just what to do. They are both old enough to get their own breakfast and get dressed on their own so they don’t have to wait for us to remind them each morning that they need to get ready for school.

Morning Routine for School

Another handy trick we’ve found is to keep the kids school uniforms (outfits) on a bookshelf instead of in their drawers. No more digging around in drawers in the morning! After school when they get changed they know to put their uniform (if it’s clean) back on the bookshelf for the next day.

This has helped so much with their morning routine for school!

There have been mornings that wake up late to find fully clothed, fed and ready-for-school kids. It’s amazing!! (trust me this is a very rare occurrence, but what a blessing to wake up to!)

We go back and forth between having the kids get dressed before eating and getting dressed after eating. We try to be flexible about this. Our son really hates getting dressed first and we realized that it wasn’t working well so we switched it for him. We also had an issue with the kids getting toothpaste on their uniform sweatshirts when brushing their teeth so we now have them brush their teeth BEFORE getting dressed. It has made a big difference!

Download your FREE Morning Routine Chart

If you think that our morning routines would work in your home, you can download the printable for FREE below! We have ours hanging in the children’s bedrooms and on the fridge in the kitchen. I’d love to know how it works for you!

You can print this sign and laminate it, then simply write in your morning routine with a wet erase marker or dry erase marker.

Morning Routines Chart for Children:

Morning Routines Printable

You should receive your download link via e-mail within the hour. Be sure you check your SPAM or Promotions folder if you’re not finding the e-mail.  If, after an hour, you have not received your link, please contact me and I’ll help you figure out what happened.
Please note that your link will expire in 2 days, and it can only be downloaded three times. I recommend downloading your files right away and saving them in a safe place. If you are on a tablet or smart phone you will want to open and download these files from a Mac or PC. I hope you enjoy your free printables!

Don’t forget to download our After School and Bedtime Charts:

Read about our After School Routine Printable

 Read about our Bedtime Routine Printable

Do you have morning routines for school? What’s your best advice for other moms to have a less stressful morning? Join the conversation on Facebook.


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    May 22, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Do you mind sharing what font you used for the title? I inserted your free download into a ppt and would like to fill in the blanks using the same font.

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