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New Stuff = Motivation?

I love a clean house, I really do.  I doubt that are many mothers out there wanting to have a messy home.  I doubt moms across the country are declaring: “Man, this messy house just makes me feel GREAT!”  When my life gets busy and my house gets messy I feel stressed. I do not like it.  It makes me feel claustrophobic and it drive me crazy.

So I head to Target.  Straight to the cleaning supply aisle.

I gaze at all of the new brooms, mops, dusters, sponges, scrubbers and other great cleaning gadgets.  I see possibly, in my head I vision a sparkling clean floor, counters clean of all clutter and shiny.  So I buy.  I pick up that cool broom with the built-in stick duster in the end.  I buy a new pack of funky colored scrubby sponges, I can’t resist the new brand of all natural cleaner that keeps your shower shiny.  I buy.  I go to the check-out feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.  I, after all, have just purchased brand new tools that will get the job done quicker, easier and better, right?

I pack those red dotted bags into my van, sweeping the cheerios aside so the bags have a nice clean spot on the van floor.  “These tool are going to make my life so much easier!” I think as I get in the car, full of hope, and drive home to the mess that awaits.

I proudly unload my Target bags into the house, stepping over stray socks and puzzle pieces.  “I am ready!”.

The the phone rings, a friend. Twenty minutes into my conversation my son declares that his diaper is indeed about to burst.  Hang up phone.  Go change diaper.  It’s 5pm, time to start dinner.  Into the kitchen, chicken, broccoli, cream of this-and-that.  Dinner is made.  Time to eat.  Good dinner.  Time for baths, bed and exhaustion.  I collapse on the couch and look over at those perfect red and white dotted bags. “Quicker, easier and better” is sitting in those bags, and this mom is too tired to even consider how shiny her counters could be.

This is a true story, well, it may as well be.  I often wonder if I am the only mom who is temporarily motivated by the “new”.  The gadgets with the big promises.  The new mop that looks like it will make cleaning my grubby floors easy.  The perfectly unused day planner that will make my life simpler, easier, and more organized. The new hangers that will suddenly make me want to hang up all the close at the floor of our wardrobe.  Half the time I’ll be standing at home, right over the mess that needs to be tackled and instead of just doing it, instead of getting started I deflect, head to Target and look at all the pretty little things that, in my head, will fix the mess for me.

I found out the hard way, it DOES.NOT.WORK.  “New” does not motivate me long term.  “NEW” does not magically do the work for you.  I know, I know, “What the heck! It’s supposed to do the work for me!!”  I felt the exact same way.  Disappointed once again by the shiny NEW gadget.

PS. I do really love that broom with the long stick duster in the handle.


Image Credit: Martha Stewart

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  • Christin @ Joyful Mothering
    September 30, 2011 at 9:03 am

    I know EXACTLY what you mean, girl! I feel the same way every time I revamp my schedule!

    In fact, I wrote a post on my blog called “Determination is Not Enough” and it echos what you said!!
    Blessings, friend — you are not alone!

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