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Have you found the perfect to-do list? I have!

I had a “YIPPEE!” moment last week when I found this great program called Wunderlist.

“Why, Donna – it’s just a to-do list program. What’s the big deal?”

Well, my friends; let me tell you:

It’s Available on everything!!

I am using a Mac and an Android phone. When it comes to synchronizing programs it can be a problem. You see, most Mac programs are created to work with Mac Apps on an iPhone. This makes sense unless you’re a “mut” like me and you have and love your Android phone.

Wunderlist works on the Web, you can download the desktop program for the Mac or PC AND… it is available for your Android Phone, iPhone and Ipad. Finally a program I can use everywhere!


Wunderlist keeps things simple. I love it. There aren’t many bells and whistles that take away from the purpose of this program. It has a very clean interface free from distractions and excess graphics. It allows me to work distraction free.


Lists –

Lists, to a GTD wannabe like me, are just like Contexts. If you’re lost and wondering, “what? GTD? Contexts?” Let me quickly explain. GTD is a productivity system created by David Allen, it has a sort of cult following and devoutees around the world. Contexts would be, for example: @Home @Work @Groceries @Someday/Maybe . If you are writing down all of your to-dos on one list you’ll notice that many of your to-dos can be bunched together. Like items would go together. For example:

  • take out trash (@home)
  • print monthly report for the boss (@work)
  • Talk to husband about vacation (@Kevin)
  • Paint the bathroom (@someday/maybe)
  • Pick dates for vacation (@Kevin)
  • Buy Milk (#groceries)
  • Request days off for vacation (@work)
  • mow the lawn (@home)

So each item on the to-do list has a necessary action or place. For example if I need to mow the lawn I need to be at home to do this. Buying milk would go on your “grocery” list, as would buy cereal.

The purpose for this is to organize your to-dos so when you are sitting at your desk at work, you can open up your @Work list and not be distracted by the 200 things you have to buy at the grocery store. It enables you to FOCUS.  You can easily create lists on Wunderlist however it works for you.

Sharing –

I have a new client and I set him up on Wunderlist right away. He can add tasks to my list easily and I can do the same for him.  He has it on his PC and his android phone. It’s great! For me I don’t need a complicated project management program when working with this client and Wunderlist works perfectly!  I even share a grocery list with my husband so he can pick up groceries on his way home from work!


For more info and to download head over to Wunderlist!


This post was not sponsored by Wunderlist – I just love it so I thought I’d share my raves and review!

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  • Ev
    May 25, 2011 at 8:25 am

    As much as I agree with you about Wunderlist being a great to-do list app, I’m having no end of problems trying to get the desktop version to sync with my iPod. I continually get error messages. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I’m a little disappointed.

    • Donna
      May 25, 2011 at 8:51 am

      I just asked the folks over at @6Wunderkinder on twitter and this was their response: “The desktop version syncs every 15min and it’s better to sync manually on the mobile devices before switching to another” I hope that helps.

  • Marcel
    May 25, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    Try to log out from your account on every Wunderlist app and log in again. Maybe that already solves the problems.

  • Organize Your Blogging Ideas
    May 31, 2011 at 6:29 am

    […] 6. Wunderlist – My newest find! I’ve been using Wunderlist for about a month now and I am loving it! You can read my review of Wunderlist HERE. […]

  • Albert Bernard
    December 29, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Great post, wunderlist being a great to-do list app, I’m having no end of problems trying to get the desktop version to sync with my iPod. Thanks for the sharing.

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