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No April Fools Tricks for me today, only TREATS!

Today was a gorgeous day! The kids were napping and I was outside working in the yard and garden. I usually wear an ugly old pair of clogs when I’m in the garden because I’m usually going in and out of the house a lot and it’s easy to slip out of them. Today I didn’t put on socks, which I’ve done in the past. About 1/2 hour into my raking and digging my legs were feeling itchy and I thought it would be a good idea to slip on some (although tacky) socks. I raided Kevin’s sock drawer and got a beat up pair of white socks. Let me tell you… I was a FASHION STATEMENT!!!


I continued to work outside then I ran across the street to get the mail. I intentionally wore my garden gloves because I didn’t want a passer-by to think, “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT GIRL WEARING??!?!?” as they laid their eyes on my green capri pants white socks and brown clogs. I figured that if they saw the garden gloves they might understand and not mock me while driving by. (you think I’m kidding, but I put a good amount of thought in to this).

So I ran across the road and opened up the mailbox.

Inside there was a package! Yippee! I LOVE packages! I love getting anything other than bills but packages make me super happy.

When I pulled out the box I really got excited. It was from a dear, dear friend Rachele who is far, far, far away doing awesome things in a country that must remain nameless… I RAN across the street, inside and tore open the package…




GARDEN SOCKS!! – Yes she made me Garden socks!

And they are so nice!! Soft and beautiful!

Is this not the craziest coincidence??? Me, worried about my socks and socks “appear” in my mailbox!?!? CRAZY! I LOVE IT!

So what do you think:




I know I know.. still quite a look! Not something Very fashionable. I don’t know if I could bear to get these pretty socks dirty so for now I’ll enjoy them while sitting back and drinking a nice cup of Joe in honor of Rachele and Mike and the awesome work they’re doing.Tomorrow they will get a grand tour of the garden!


I literally cried when I got this package. I’m reminded that God takes care of our every need, he often throws in a surprise here and there to make our day! I’m also reminded how blessed I am to have such great friends who are so thoughtful I spent the afternoon thinking about how much I’d love to be traveling; I can’t wait until we can travel with the kids and have them see the WORLD!


Thank you Rachele and Mike for all that you are sacrificing and doing to bless so many people in this great big world! 🙂 Love you guys!

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  • Jessica
    April 1, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    Only YOU would get socks in the mail. (however I must note that they are ADORABLE and very comfortable looking). But it did make me chuckle so thanks!! Love Ya!!

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