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Spring Cleaning Party Starts tomorrow!


Have you signed up yet?

“Signed up for what?” you ask…

The Spring Cleaning Party – over at Simple Mom!

If you haven’t already, read my previous post about the Spring Cleaning Party then head over to Simple Mom, sign up and get your feather dusters ready because tomorrow we begin a 10 day Spring Cleaning Extravaganza! (**insert fireworks and shouts of joy here)

Ok… did I make that sound fun and exciting? I hope so, because I’m trying to motivate myself to get myself ready for a very busy 10 days of cleaning and decluttering.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing a fairly quick walk through of the house, picking up trash and placing items that we don’t need or love into either a “give” or a “sell” box. It’s also handy to carry along a pen and price tags if you plan to sell any items at a yard-sale (or “tag-sale” for all my New England readers.)

We’ll be working in each room of the house, looking around at items that are easy to find (not digging in drawers, under cushions or thumbing through photo albums) deciding if they are worth keeping or not. We’re talking about knick-nacks, art, random things lying around. That’s pretty much what we’ll be spending the day doing tomorrow. It’s one of the easiest days so enjoy!

You’ll want to move through the house pretty quickly, being sure not to spend too much time making decisions. Again, this is a fairly quick process, so refrain from opening any drawers or going through the bookcase!

For tomorrow’s task you’ll need:

  • 2 boxes labled “GIVE” and “SELL”
  • A garbage bag or can for garbage
  • A pen and lables if you’re going to price items to sell
  • A large cup of coffee (toffee nut syrup optional)

Tsh at Simple Mom shared some great tips HERE to help you get ready for Spring Cleaning!

I will most likely jump ahead to day 2 tomorrow as well if the kiddos behave. ( Days 2 and 3 deal with the living room and we have a group of 18 people that meet at our house – in our living room – on Wednesday so I want to get a head start on this one!)

Before you head off to get some rest for the big day tomorrow, I’d love to know…

What’s your least favorite chore to tackle… Leave me a comment and let me know!

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