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Spring Cleaning – Day 4 – Kitchen Cabinets Reorganized

Today I cleaned out the cabinets and re-organized all the food into categories

This was great. I was able to re-organize every cabinet making things much more logical.

The Corner Cabinet:

BEFORE:                                        AFTER:

My corner cabinet is now all baking supplies.

The bottom shelf has the basic, more used items such as flour, sugar, olive oil, etc.

The next shelf up has my bread flour, cornstarch, cocoa powder and I used a lazy Susan for items like molasses, honey, corn syrup, vanilla extract, etc.

BEFORE:                                           AFTER:

The Third shelf has extras: extra flour, sugar, yeast, marshmallows, chocolate chips and other candy goodies.

The fourth and final shelf has a giant bowl that doesn’t fit anywhere else, it also has all of my cake/cookie decorating supplies: pastry bags, dyes, candy molds etc. It is so much less cluttered- I love it!

**In the process I was so blessed to find my pastry bags and decorating tip sets that I thought we lost in the move! It’s been a good day!

Our Coffee Center:                                Nice Clean Counters:

The Pantry:

My pantry is now divided up in to sections as well.

I have 2 shelves for canned goods.

One shelf is for divided up so that all the lunch items are together and canned fruits/juices etc are together. We also have one basket labeled “kids snacks” and one labeled “our snacks” that holds granola bars, raisin boxes and other goodies.

One shelf has all breakfast stuff (cereals, oatmeal, cream of wheat, even the waffle maker is tucked behind the boxes of cereal!

Cabinets near the stove:


I used the cabinets to the right of the stove and put Pastas, rices, stuffing etc. in there so that all the starches for dinner were in one place.

To the left of the stove I have vinegars, oils, measuring spoons and cups on the first shelf. Cake, cookie and bread mixes are on the second shelf. My cookbooks on the third shelf.

While I was sorting through boxes of pasta I found 3-4 opened boxes that had broken pieces or small amounts left in them. I decided to pour all of these “leftovers” into a pot and for dinner tonight we’ll have a mixed up pasta casserole! (My hubby is going to think I’ve lost my mind!)  Here’s a photo of the pot so far…

After all was said and done, I threw out a bunch of super old food items and cleared out enough that I even have an EMPTY SHELF!!! Amazing! I admit that I do have a nice sized stockpile of canned goods, cereals, rice etc. in our basement which helps with clutter. I also still have to go through all my cook books (plus one very large pile that is not show in the photos) and decide what I need to keep and what can GO! I feel great! I think reorganizing the food will help meal times to be less stressful too!

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  • Kristin
    May 7, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    You have done a great job! I have cleaned the outside of my kitchen and now have to work on the insides – the hardest part for me. Your before and after pics have given me that motivation to get going!

  • Casey
    May 9, 2009 at 3:34 am

    Wow! Your cabinets look great! I also love how you put the before and after photos in the poleroid frames – too cute!

  • Abbie
    May 12, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    Thanks for coming by to comment on my blog! I love your cabinets, and I really like that you grouped like items with like items. I do that too…it helps me index in my head what kinds of oils I have, so I know if I can bake those muffins and fry those sweet potato chips! And my favorite tid-bit, that you found your pastry tips! I have so many cake decorating supplies, I actually keep them in plastic storage bins (the kind you’d use for heeled boots) on the top shelf of my pantry. They are labeled on the outside of course! Great post! Keep up the spring cleaning momentum!

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