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10 Ideas for a Rainbow Party

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When our daughter turned 6 we celebrated it with a fun Rainbow theme birthday party. I spent more time than I want to admit looking for ideas and inspiration for the party. I thought I would save you the hassle and share my 10 ideas for a RAINBOW themed party!

Rainbow Theme Party Room Decorations

Ideas for a rainbow party theme


1.  Rainbow and Cloud backdrop

To make the cake table extra special I made this fun rainbow background.  It took about 1 1/2 yards of each color tulle.  Then I bought some soft white fabric and poly fill to create a cloud. What I loved about this project was how simple it was and that it was a NO-SEW project! I just wrapped the top of the bunch of tulle with an elastic band. The cloud was created with white ribbon and a few safety pins.  All of the fabric can be reused really easily!

Inspiration for the Tulle Rainbow Backdrop was found on Icing Designs.

Rainbow Banner for Birthday with name

2.  Rainbow Banner

I made a simple and sparkly banner using scrapbook paper and a Cricut machine. Super simple to make and it will hang in Claire’s room after the party. This cheap rainbow decoration idea was a keeper! You’ve got to love a traditional pennant!

Easy paper rainbow streamers and rainbow snack ideas

3.  DIY Paper Rainbow Streamers

These were so easy and look so fun when finished. I followed the tutorial HERE and used large sheets of construction paper.


Rainbow Birthday Party Balloon Decor

4. Simple Rainbow Balloons

Sometimes simple is best.  We took single balloons and taped them in front of each window in our sunroom.  The wide window sills were used as a table for the kids to eat at. Which saved us tons of room and worked out perfectly!

M&M Centerpiece for Rainbow Birthday Party


5. Rainbow Centerpiece Idea

What? You don’t have time to separate each color in a MEGA bag of M&M’s.  Neither did I, but soon-to-be 6 year girls love to help!  Once all of the colors were separated we layered them in Mason jars and used the simple jars to hold balloons on the tables.  Super cute and super yummy!! (in case you wondered where all the brown M&Ms went.)


6. Rainbow Party Favors 

$.20 red bags, rainbow colored tissue paper and simple inexpensive goodies inside. These gift bags were just a cute touch and looked so pretty perched on the window sill (because we were running out of space!!).

Rainbow Themed Party Menu

7. Rainbow Fruit Tray:

Strawberries, Clementines, Pineapple, Green Grapes and Blueberries made the perfect fruit tray for the party!

8. Rainbow Veggie Tray

My wonderful mother-in-law offered to bring a veggie tray, let’s just say I was thrilled when she showed up with a color coordinated rainbow veggie tray!  Red peppers, carrots, celery, grape tomatos, cauliflower, broccoli and purple peppers were perfect!

Rainbow Stained Glass Jello

9. Rainbow Jello

Kids love jello, admit it, adults love jello too! It’s just a fun food! I made these rainbow stained glass jello squares by following the instructions HERE. Want something easier? Make each color “finger jello” and just cube it up. layer each color in a trifle dish and voila!

Favor bags for Rainbow Birthday Party


If you know me you might need to sit down for this next one… 

Costco Birthday Cake Rainbow Design

10. Costco Cake

Yes, we bought a Costco cake. Yes, rainbow parties just yell, “MAKE A RAINBOW COLORED LAYER CAKE!” I’m sure you’ve seen them: HERE and HERE and HERE oh my!!  I wanted to make one of these beauties, they are just so beautiful, so pretty, so very time consuming. (I also try to avoid crazy amounts of food coloring for kids.)

I was honest with myself and realized that I had to concede and buy a pre-made cake. One big enough to feed about 40 people. So I thought I’d check out Costco. I chose a simple cheap ($18) Costco cake. It. Was. Perfect!  One of their basic designs was a rainbow – it was meant to be.  Thank you Costco, I don’t have to be super baker mom to have a cute rainbow birthday cake!

Rainbow Party Supplies

Below are some of the supplies I used for our rainbow Birthday party theme. 


So there you have it.  This little girl had one fun 6th birthday, it was all worth it to see her smiling all day!

Birthday Girl - Rainbow Birthday Party


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  • Emily Buck
    October 2, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    This is beautiful! You should go into business. I would certainly hire you. Good job Mom!

  • Courtney!
    October 2, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Hey Donna!
    It turned out so well! I love the pic you took of Claire! Beautiful like her momma! I made the rainbow cupcakes. Soooo much work and food coloring! Totally worth doing Costco!
    Miss ya! We’d be trouble together if we lived closer!

  • Hey Donna